Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Tonight, at Mudville 9, we have Flying Dog Brewery Night and are featuring two beers by the brewery- Wildeman and UnderDog. I decided to tell you a little about UnderDog and why I like it.

Flying Dog UnderDog is an American Pale Ale that pairs exceptionally well with barbeque, one reason why its a perfect beer to have on tap here. The beer pours into the glass as a beautiful, clear gold color with a nice, billowy white head. Upon first taste, it goes down incredibly smoothly and is very refreshing. UnderDog is very light in taste and great for the warm temperatures we have been enjoying. After the first initial taste, I noticed a moderately spicy and slightly citric bite which I enjoyed profusely.

This is a great beer to pair with your meal any time of the year, but especially Summer since it is so refreshing. We look forward to pouring you a glass.

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