Monday, August 29, 2011

Hops among us

We're adding hopped up beers to our draft lineup like crazy lately. 

Here's a few to look out for...ask Beau (or one of our other bartenders) to give you a sample. We'll be highlighting each brand here as we tap them. 

Hop Head Red AleABV: 6% | IBU’s: 45

Resinous hop character and bitterness balance the rich carmel malt base. We took it a step further and Amarillo dry-hopped the brew to 45 ibu's, creating refreshing and savory hop flavors and aromas. Is it red IPA? That's your call.
Hope Head Red Ale


  • Great American Beer Festival
    2009 Bronze–American Red Ale
    2007 Silver–American Red Ale
  • World Beer Cup
    2008 Gold–American Red Ale
  • San Diego County Fair
    2011 Gold - American Red Ale

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bang, Ommegang!

Gang, I mean, Ommegang,
Do we have a treat for you Belgian beer lovers. We got our hands on a  barrel (six-tel actually so get in while you can) of the very limited Belgian Independence Saison. Essentially this is their Hennepin's bigger, stronger brother.

2011 Belgian Independence Day Saison: Abv 6.5%

This one is so rare I couldn't find any writeups/reviews yet. I guess you'll have to swing by and see for yourself.

We also have Mighty Aphrodite available!

Ommegang Aphrodite: Abv 8.9%

From the Ommegang directly: In Greek mythology, Aphrodite rises from the foam of the waves of the sea, enchanting all who see her, and inciting thoughts of love and lust where ever she goes.
We could hardly say it more eloquently. Our Limited Edition Aphrodite Ale is ethereal, intriguing and mysterious – as the Goddess Aphrodite must have been. Aphrodite has champagne-like carbonation, much as the foam of the waves of the sea. Plus enchanting flavors with whispers of raspberry and pear, and hints of funk and tartness created by the Brett yeast. The refreshing dryness comes from the unusual combination of Ommegang and Brett yeasts, and incites feelings of love and thirst, though we don’t know about lust. Grains of paradise are infused into the nectar, and when poured Aphrodite is crowned with a luxuriously shimmering rose-pink head.
Aphrodite: Ommegang Limited Edition Ale
fruit beer with Brett yeast
Malts: Pils
and carapils
Hops: Celeia
Ommegang house & Brett yeasts
Grains of paradise
Natural raspberry & pear juices
OG: 14.5
FG: 2.8
ABV: 8.9%
IBU: 19

Visit tonight and ask for Beau to give you a sample and fill you in on these wondrous beverages.