Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A new Mudville9 Favorite

A new favorite beer of mine is Stoudt’s Double IPA. Not only does it have 10% alcohol (!) but it pairs really well with some of my favorite foods, including barbeque, which Mudville 9 does exceptionally well. With a caramel flavor, the hops do not dominate this beer. It is a very balanced beer in flavor, but with a hint of floral sweetness.

After opening a Beer Garden addition to their already thriving restaurant, Ed and Carol Stoudt decided that the beer at their beer garden was just not as good and fresh as it is at the Hoffbrauhaus in Munich, and therefore, started one of the first microbreweries in Pennsylvania since the Prohibition. In 1987, Stoudt’s Brewing Company was born. Stoudt’s Brewing Company made its start with perfecting the German style Pilsner, Munich style Helles lager, Oktoberfest, and Honey Double Mai Bock. But as the years went on, Stoudt’s has been brewing up some tasty Pacific Northwest style ales, a true German Hefeweizen, English ales, and a Belgian Abbey Triple.

Come on in and try this Double IPA. I like to pair it with sweet bbq wings, but there are 10 other sauces for you to choose from!