Wednesday, April 20, 2011


FREE Smuttynose Brewing Company Night-Wednesday, April 27

Travelling to New York City from the historic seaport city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Smuttynose Brewing Company will be hosting a taste testing at Mudville 9. Stop by from 6:00pm-8:00pm on Wednesday, April 27 to try out a few Smuttynose year-round, seasonal and specialty brews.

ABV 9.7%
This award winning Imperial India Pale Ale has more flavor, more hops, more malt, and more intensity than your average IPA. Amber-orange in color, Big A IPA has citrus flavors of orange and grapefruit with notes of caramel and honey that are well-balanced with hops to give your taste buds a bit of a zing. Described as a beer to be enjoyed, after taking a sip, one Mudville 9 patron exclaimed; “now this is a good beer.” Luckily, Big A IPA is available all year-round and pairs nicely with our equally intense and flavorful Buffalo WOW Wings.

Summer Weizen
ABV 5.5%
The Summer Weizen is a crisp light beer perfect for a hot afternoon on the beach, in the park or on a lake. But why wait until the summer to drink this refreshing wheat ale? We find its floral aroma, soft carbonation, and notes of citrus perfect for Spring time too. The brewers at Smuttynose suggest bringing some Summer Weizen to your next picnic, barbeque or Frisbee game. But in case Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade, stop by Mudville 9 for a glass. Hungry? The Summer Weizen happens to compliment our Smokey BBQ wings and seasoned fries quite nicely.