Thursday, November 17, 2011


As part of an ongoing weekly post yours truly will be picking one food menu item and pairing it with one of our 150+ bottle beers from our monster beer menu. Stay tuned each week for an informed, tried and true suggestion.

This weeks' winning couple is:

Mudville's Roasted Half Chicken and the oak-aged, one and only Innis & Gunn


The Chemistry:
Dusk is coming earlier each day (sometimes before you’ve started your commute home!) so it’s no surprise you start craving some of those hibernation-type foods to soothe the soul and combat the SAD. Well we have just the pairing this week to battle the dark and gloomy outside. Step inside and get some of Mudville's own half-roasted chicken that, dare I say, will rival your grandmother's. Besides that, unless you have a seanmhair I doubt she'd be able to pair it with a nice oak-aged brew like Innis & Gunn. Sometimes the best things in life are discovered accidentally, this beer is no different. Originally used as a malty seasoning agent to prep scotch whisky barrels (and then tossed out?!) someone decided to taste the beer one day and "crivens!" - Innis & Gunn was born. This beer is slightly malt forward, with caramel flavors that carry on a deep conversation with the crisp, caramelized skin of the chicken. There is a little bit of a cream note that adds some depth and richness, and then essence of dried apricot pushes through and brightens it up a bit. The aftertaste gives you hints of what I like to call "sleeper hops" and vanilla. I can't think of a better combination to round out the caramel flavors from both the beer and the skin of the 24-hour-brine-soaked chicken.

Bon Apetit!

P.s. if you're feeling extra moody try Mudville's Rib & Roasted Chicken combo. And don't forget to ask for your side dish...definitely Grandma Roz's coleslaw!


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