Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jonas Bronck "Pelham Bay" IPA

Right now, Mudville has the Jonas Bronck "Pelham Bay" IPA on tap. This beer is brewed right here in the Bronx by a small, dedicated brew team. 

Jonas Bronck was a brewer in the early 1600's and owned 500 acres of land in the Bronx (when it was still called New Netherlands). The Jonas Bronck brewers name all of their beers after Bronx areas and landmarks… explaining the meaning behind "Pelham Bay." This beer is an American IPA with better balance and less bitterness than a typical American IPA, making it much easier to enjoy and more like an English IPA.

These brewers are incredibly small and local which makes this offering special and pretty hard to find outside of New York.  Stop in this week or weekend to enjoy a glass!

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