Thursday, December 22, 2011


As part of an ongoing weekly post yours truly will be picking one food menu item and pairing it with one of our 150+ bottle beers from our monster beer menu. Stay tuned each week for an informed, tried and true suggestion.

This weeks' winning couple is:

Mudville's Salmon Burger and the robust St. Peter's Old-Style Porter

The Chemistry:
Before you head off to that faraway, distant home-made meal for the Holidays (or as you're getting back from your food coma), do your body a favor and try out my latest pairing. Yes, it's a burger, but it's a salmon burger. That being said, who doesn't crave something a little different every once in awhile? Take a break from your usual and dip this tasty treat into Mudville's daily fresh homemade tartar sauce. And it's no stretch to see that I've chosen a Porter to mate with this Atlantic Salmonidae morsel.
This porter in particular is very robust. Being that it's a classic British Old-style, there are no bells and whistles here. Simply, WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get. The toasted, almost smokey, malt though is what drew these two together in my head. The brew really draws out the grilled smokiness in the fish without masking any of the notorious fishy flavor salmon is known for. And traditionally porters have that nice hop bitterness in the end. This is no different. Here that hop cuts through the oiliness of the salmon perfectly giving you a nice balanced palate with every round of your bite-sip.

Bon Apetit!

P.s. Add on some delicious grilled asparagus to round out this "lighter burger" meal.


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