Thursday, October 21, 2010

The new Sixpoint Pilsner @ Mudville 9 in TriBeCa NYC

The Sixpoint Sehr Crisp is a celebration of all things that make Pilsner beer great:  crisp, clean flavors - soft, subtle malt honey and lots of peppery hops. This beer was brewed with a very special floor-malted variety of Moravian malt, found exclusively in the Czech Republic.  Sixpoint then combined this malt with two other proprietary varieties in a simple and unique grain bill, and turn its attention to the hops - in which they sourced varieties from both the United States and Germany.

An extended cold-lagering phase allows this beer to finish clean, and beckons you for another sip.  The best explanation of have for this beer is CRISP!!!! The ABV:  5.3% & IBU:   41

This new Sixpoint Pilsner is a perfect pairing with the Mudville9 ( Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings. The CRISP flavor of the beer with just the right amount of hops to wash down the spice of your tongue while remaining eminently slammable.

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